Here at Hurley’s Vet, we know you love your pets as much as we love animals, Thats why we are concerned about your pet’s nutrition. The right nutrition can enhance your pet’s health and extend the life of your companion. We are dedicated to only supplying you with the highest quality pet food. Which is why we stock only Hills pet food.¬†Hill’s pet food was developed by a vet, and it’s reputation amongst vets is unbeatable. Vets trust Hills because they know that all their foods are carefully formulated by veterinary professionals, using only the very best clinically proven ingredients.

Hills provide precisely balanced nutrition to help preserve kidney and vital organ function. With clinically proven antioxidants, omega-6s and reduced phosphorus. Below is just a sample of some of the foods we supply.

For more information and what types of food is bset suited for your pet, why not call into us with your pet for a consultation. We would be more than happy to assist you the best we can.

Key Benefits of Hills Pet  Food

  • Vital Organs: Controlled levels of sodium and phosphorus to support healthy vital organ function, particularly kidneys
  • Dental: Unique kibble technology that provides a clinically proven cleaning action
  • Digestion: Highly digestible proteins and a balance of fibres to support a healthy digestive tract
  • Weight: Appropriate levels of protein and fat to help maintain ideal weight
  • Vitality: Precise balance of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy bones and joints