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At Hurley's  Veterinary Hospital we provide the following services: Cyro-Surgery Cryosurgery is surgery performed by freezing the tissue to be removed, eg. doctors do it to remove verucas from foot or warts from hands. There is no surgery as such performed. Laser Treatment Hurley's Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer state-of-the-art laser surgery. Laser surgery uses an intense beam of light that is precisely focused to allow it to cut tissue, much as a scalpel does. The en...

Pets Teeth Hygiene

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What dentists do for humans, veterinarians can do for pets. Veterinarians are specially trained in caring for and cleaning pets’ teeth. Removing plaque, pulling teeth, drilling, grinding, polishing and cleaning – it’s all part of the job. But ideally, pets will never have to worry about these kinds of treatments: Provided pet owners regularly clean their pets’ teeth and make sure they get a check-up once a year. Signs of poor dental hygiene in dogs There are some signs that could indicate ...

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Are you looking for a vet in Tralee,  then you have come to the right place. Here at Hurleys Vet Tralee we have veterinary supplies in stock and pet items for sale. Here at Hurley’s Veterinary Hospital we are committed to offering a service second to none. We are a state of the art veterinary hospital with the most up to date equipment and committed to ongoing education of all staff members. We invite you to explore our web site and discover the wide array of services we have to offer. ...